The 5 Principles of the Procensus Community

The ethics underpinning the Procensus platform

Posted by James Allchin (Chief Technology Officer, Procensus) on April 2, 2016

Please respect the community and it’s principles…

Procensus has been built to serve the professional investors and industry-based professionals. With a growing active membership of well over 700 professionals across the world’s largest and most influential asset managers, we thought it would be useful to write down the 5 core principles that underpin the community.

We, as the Procensus team, adhere to these principles when running the business, operating the platform, and designing the software. The platform has been built for the benefit of the community but in return we expect our members to work within these guiding principles as well.

We have already had input from several ‘super-users’ within the Procensus community into creating these principles. But we would welcome and value feedback on this from across the community. It’s important that we continue to create a platform and a set of engagement rules that work for you. Please feel free to email us any time

As always your feedback will be kept anonymous.


Always guaranteed. Members will never be compromised by the exposure of individuals’ opinions. Security is always at the forefront in the platform design process. Personal information and data is protected and not shared with anyone. We believe in the power and value of aggregated data.


We aim to break-down the current monopolies on market information. No opinion / data on the platform is ever embellished or manipulated. Just simple straight forward delivery of the truth. The value of the data comes from the community’s opinions. Our independence is key to this trust. Procensus is not part of or connected to a media or advisory business. We never share information or data with the latter.


Procensus is strictly for professional investors and industry-based professionals only. Applications for membership are curated by real members of our team (not by algorithms), and are primarily driven through referral within the community. Quant funds are not (and will not be) allowed on the platform.


All participants / community members see the same information as everyone else in the community. Data is not resold or re-packaged to anyone in a way that it could compete against or disadvantage the community. Everyone has equal rights. Those that break the rules will be asked to leave.


The heart of the model is “give to get”. Only those that share their opinion get the immediate benefits of the results. Published data sets are only released to the wider community after a time-delay. Complete honesty improves the quality of the system and experience for all members. Fictitious opinion and gaming is actively tracked. Those that break the rules will be forced to leave.

We believe that opinions and contribution should translate into real, meaningful, tangible benefit. A community points system is being introduced whereby participation and community involvement will drive charitable contributions.

As activity levels and liquidity in opinion builds, your own data footprint (visible only to you) will become more valuable in understanding your own behaviour / thinking patterns. Corrupt data is disrespectful to the community but also self harming.