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How it works

A unique trusted community

Procensus is the anonymous social network for professional buy-side investors to share opinions securely and anonymously on companies and market events.

As a buy-side investor, Procensus offers you a unique source of alpha through transparent, verbatim insight into sentiment on the topics that drive your investment decisions. Our data analytical tools enable you to draw quantitative comparisons between stocks and situations, and to benchmark how your view differs from the consensus of your peers.

As a professional investor, confidentiality and data integrity are critical to you. These are at the heart of our ethos and commitment to you when you join the community.

The platform is free to use for professional investors and operates on a give-to-get basis, so the more you contribute, the more insight you have access to.


How far from consensus are you?

On the Procensus platform, your opinions build over time creating a unique and evolving personal data footprint. Instead of only having access to one-off sets of results, you can see how your views on different stocks and situations compare to each other and how they have changed over time.

On your private personal data feed, only you are able to see how your views compare to your peers. Whether you’re highly aligned to the crowd or a major outlier, Procensus can give you a quantitative assessment of the buy-side context for your investment decisions.

The analytical tools on the platform let you shape the data you see to your own investment parameters. Lens and filter information to show only your coverage universe, overlay top down valuation parameters, analyse by a specific investment factor or see how different cohorts of investors compare.

Market event library, analytics, benchmarking & indices

While every situation is different, the market offers myriad places to invest, so comparability is critical to your capital allocation decisions. We give you the tools to see how sentiment on stocks and sectors compares. Our events library allows you to analyse views on previous transactions and market catalysts, helping to inform the investment decisions you make today.